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Görlitz Haus Carved Wood Signs

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Görlitz Haus - Dis is Da Place

Welcome to Görlitz Haus – Custom Indoor/Outdoor Furniture, Carved Wood Signs, and Wood Art.

Görlitz Haus was born from a desire to plug-in all of my woodworking tools that have been stored away for a decade.  An extensive background in carpentry construction focusing on custom finish work I have accumulated MANY woodworking power tools and skills.

With renewed passion for wood crafting without the pressures of ‘doing it for a living’ I began building misc. outdoor furniture – redwood yard swings and picnic tables for family and friends. More recently I became interested in Carved Wood Signs.

Dis is Da Place – The saying comes from a carved wood sign my grandfather had nailed to a tree along their driveway in the north woods of Minocqua, Wisconsin. Visible as my family arrived for our bi-annual visit from Northern Illinois. A memory from the late 60’s that has stuck with me since.

By suggestions from friends and family I have decided to add this ‘hobby’ to my growing list of offerings.

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