Goerlitz Group Design


Vinyl Banner – Single and Double Sided

Our banners are most commonly produced on 13oz vinyl. We have 15oz, 18oz and 20oz vinyl’s available to meet your needs. We can also print on mesh for extremely large banners, especially appropriate for outdoor applications where weight and wind are big considerations. We can provide seamless banners up to 16’ wide with stunning 300 dpi clarity in a single pass.
Hanging displays • Wall-mounted banners • Billboards • Grandstands • Light Poles • Backdrops

Pole Banners

Street banners, avenue banners or light pole banners as they are also known, are printed on 18 oz double sided vinyl. These banners improve the appearance of any area or call special attention to special events.
Welded and sewn pockets and cut wind vents to insure your banners withstand severe weather conditions. Our printing process enables us to accurately register graphics from front to back. Banner bracket hardware is also available.

Pillowcase Sign Bags

Custom, temporary sign bags. Sign bags are effective for business conversions and relocations, damaged signs, and other brand identification needs. Temporary sign bags can quickly show a new corporate identity or a chain’s latest branch opening.

Canvas, Cloth to Sheer Satin Banners & Backdrops

Dye sublimation is a process in which vaporized ink is embedded into the fabric, retaining the soft natural feel of the material. Other advantages are vibrant, sharp colors which give off no glare, and a wide range of fabrics, from canvas to sheer satin. The latest technology allows for seamless printing to 120″. Dye sublimated graphics are especially attractive on sheer fabrics for finer Retail environments.

Feather Banners

Feather or teardrop banners have a unique teardrop shape that will draw attention to your customer’s advertisements and graphics. Over 10 feet high, these banners will stand out to potential customers in any environment. Each banner comes custom printed with your artwork. The graphics are produced with the dye sublimation process which produces high resolution, eye-popping colors.

Table Skirts

Custom printed table skirts offer an inexpensive and practical solution for customizing any table for any event. These table skirts are produced by dye sublimation, which wows customers with high resolution, eye-popping colors.